The Gaming Gods community is here at your disposal for you to be able to meet other like-minded players that you’ll be able to squad up and play games with. Whether it be on one of our servers, or just grouping together for a game of Rainbow Six: Siege, we hope that you have lots of fun!

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Gaming Gods - Portal

Introducing…The Newly Redesigned Website

Hiya Everyone, in-case you haven’t noticed, we’ve completely revamped the Gaming Gods community website. That includes our main portal page, forums, and store. Below is an list of things that have been done to our website.

Portal –
– Completely redesigned from the ground-up.
– A news system that is no longer part of the forums. Instead, all news articles can be found on the portal itself.
– A Contact Us area that allows players who have immediate concerns to message us.
– A gallery of screenshots and other images to showcase our community.

Forums –
– New icons for each of the various boards.
– New light-blue to dark-blue gradient effect.
– Applications opened for Rust moderator positions.
– New applications opened for the Discord moderator position.
– New theme from the old, “Glass” theme.
– Added a Community Releases section which details different community and server updates.

Please keep in mind that the website is still undergoing development, and that many features are still subject to change. Should you have any questions or feedback in regards to these changes, feel free to use the ‘Contact Us’ form on the portal.