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Our Vision for 2019: The Future of Gaming Gods

Happy New Year to you all. As I’m sure most of you are already aware of, we’ll be taking a different approach with the Gaming Gods community as we’ve never done before. Our community has always been mainly focused around Garry’s Mod roleplaying gamemodes, both light and serious roleplaying. This time around, we’ll be doing something entirely new to our community, and that is the introduction of a Rust server. With this new server, we’ll be relaunching the community with a little bit of rebranding. Our community’s “mascot” will still be Poseidon, however, we will be introducing the three-tiered trident as a “three-core” plan for our community. Not only will you see this trident much more often, you the trident will represent and symbolize three important points that we wish to make throughout this year.The Trident is separated into three spears; TEAM, EXPANSION, and LOYALTY.The first of these spears, TEAM, focuses on the aspect of team-building. It is important for us as a community to ensure that we welcome each and every player into our community with the intent to include them as part of our “team” of gamers. With this in mind, it is our goal to ensure that all of our players feel included, and as such, they need to feel as if they are part of a collaborative group that accepts and welcomes everyone. In addition to this, we strongly encourage our current members to introduce friends to the community, and get them to play with not only yourself, but with others in our community, so that they can form new friendships, which can later lead to a higher use of the Gaming Gods services, whether it be our website, Discord, or even our server(s). We want you to feel welcomed to bring your friends into our Discord server, even if you aren’t planning on joining or playing in our servers. Furthermore, we strongly encourage you to help teach and train any newcomers that we see on our server(s) or Discord, and get them to understand how to play on the server(s) that we offer, in addition to our Discord and website. As always, feel free to move outwards from just our community’s sphere, and offer assistance with other games, while still citing the Gaming Gods community.

The second of these spears, EXPANSION, focuses on the aspect of expanding our community. It is vital for us to continuously change and expand our community by all means necessary, while also exercising caution as to not expand too soon or too quickly. We need to evolve our community to the constant changes that we see in the gaming world today. While we may not always be able to expand our servers, we can still offer up different groups for various games, such as a group that would be willing to play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, or a group that wants to band together to create a base in Rust. Whatever it may be, our goal is to expand this community beyond the reaches of Garry’s Mod, and grab the attention of a large group of diverse players, so that we are not just known for being a “Garry’s Mod community”.

Lastly, the third of these spears is LOYALTY, which focuses on the aspect of building community loyalty in the sense of wanting players to want to continue to come back to us. Of-course, we will never force our players to use our services, or play on our servers, however, our goal is to build loyalty with our players to make them want to feel an awesome sense of feeling when they return to us. This process is the hardest of the three spears, as it takes patience and time, but also requires the other two spears in order to be successful. For example, TEAM is important to LOYALTY because if we can show players that we are willing to assist them, no matter how new they may be to gaming, or to a certain game (or gamemode), then that will show players that we aren’t going to give up on them in the future. Additionally, having team aspects shows players that they can come into the community as a complete stranger, but gain a plethora of new friends just by actively participating in our community, whether it be on our forums, Discord, or servers. EXPANSION is important to LOYALTY because if we can expand our reaches to the far corners of the broad gaming community as a whole, we can bring in new people from various games that can meet with our other members, and create a solid experience together that wouldn’t have been achieved without the Gaming Gods community. Additionally, LOYALTY can also only be achieved with a solid and supportive staff team that not only just assists players, but also plays games with them! And finally, a community cannot expect loyalty without listening to its’ members. After-all, our members are our most valuable asset, and without them — without you, we would not have a gaming community to stand upon.

This is our Vision for 2019. This is the future of the Gaming Gods community. We look forward to building strong and valuable friendships with each and every one of you this new year. Please, have a safe and happy new year, and we hope to bring you some more good news in regards to our Rust server within the coming weeks.