The Gaming Gods community is here at your disposal for you to be able to meet other like-minded players that you’ll be able to squad up and play games with. Whether it be on one of our servers, or just grouping together for a game of Rainbow Six: Siege, we hope that you have lots of fun!

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The Discord server is LIVE!

Hiya Everyone, our Discord server was recently released, and will allow you to be able to chat with other members of our community much more efficiently. Please keep in mind that the Discord server is still being constantly developed, so expect some changes here and there until we get everything polished up. For our Rust server players, feel free to hop in one of the Rust server chats, and for our Rainbow Six Siege players, feel free to use the ‘lfg‘ text chat to find a group of players that you can team-up with.

Keep in mind that we are not a community of elitist gamers, so ask away for any tips, tricks, or any other help that you may need with Rainbow Six Siege. Additionally, it would help us out greatly if you could ask friends and fellow Siege players if they are willing to join our community, so that we can obtain a greater pool of people to play Siege.

As always, enjoy, and have fun!

To join the Discord server, please click here.