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Changes to Premium Membership

Gaming Gods Members,

We have decided to take a new approach on the offering of free Premium Membership by offering a new, selective Premium membership package to those who donate to the community. This will allow us to separate those who donate, and those who do not donate, while allowing us to reward those who donate to the community. The reason that we’re making this change is simply due to the fact that our costs are increasing more and more for running the Gaming Gods Community, and all of this is not possible without donations. Due to a lack of donations from the previous DarkRP-run, we are being forced to make this change to the community. Additionally, Premium Membership will now cost $30,000,000 with in-game money.

Please note that Premium Membership is still a FREE option, and is something that we do not have to offer at all, but still offer it to make it a fair environment for all players. Please be respectful and mindful of these changes.

As such, below are the two Premium Membership packages, and what they offer:

Premium MembershipPremium+ Membership ($)
Premium-Only Jobs​Premium-Only Jobs​
Prop Increase from 65 to 75​Prop Increase from 65 to 85​
Access to over 500 chat sounds from Half-Life 2​Access to over 500 chat sounds from Half-Life 2​
Rainbow Physgun​Rainbow Physgun​
​❌Emotes: Max of 6 instead of 4 slots | Cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds​
​❌Save 25% when hiring a Security Guard from the Guard Recruiter NPC.​
​❌.05% increase when selling cocaine to the Cocaine Dealer.​
​❌Access to VIP upgrades in the Fuel Refiner Job.​
​❌Access to VIP upgrades in the Weed Grower job.​
​❌Access to VIP upgrades in the Moonshine Distiller and Master Moonshine Distiller jobs.​