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DarkRP has Returned!

Gaming Gods Members,

We are excited to announce that the DarkRP server has been re-launched, and is better than ever! With tons of new features and exciting ways to make money, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And with a new Loot Crates system, we’re able to give out cosmetics and permanent weapons such as Deathcards, Hats, Vapes, and even CS:GO knives!

While there are a ton of changes, we’ve introduced an important new rank that will replace the Premium+ Membership rank. It’s called….Emerald Membership. Since our community has focused over to a non play-to-win atmosphere, it’s important that we re-envisioned what we saw as membership options in terms of what was attainable when someone donated to the community. Since this is the case, most of the features that Emerald Members get are mostly cosmetics or small upgrades that provide a small boost to gameplay, but by no means making it unfair for others who are non Emerald Members.

As always, enjoy the server and have fun!

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