Hades' Drugstop

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Jun 30, 2019
Ready to up your game by taking drugs that boost your attributes? Now you can, at Hades' Drugstop in the alleyway near the beach.
These drugs can help you significantly while raiding or defending your base, so be sure to stock up!

Bouncer ($950): Allows you to jump higher and change direction mid-air.
Cigarettes ($500): Help you unwind after a stressful day (No added benefit).
Anti Toxin ($5,000): Removes all foreign toxins from your body; Useful for saving yourself from an overdose.
Crystal Meth ($1,250): Allows you to punch harder with the strength of a thousand angry baboons (Fists Required).
Haemophage ($4,650): Regenerates your health when you injure others.
Dextradose ($2,500): Gives you 40% faster lockpicking.
Beer ($500): Gets you plastered. If you drink enough, it will give you 10% damage resistance.
Gunslinger ($5,600): 25% increased gun damage.
Painkillers ($800): Increase your overall toughness.
Life Preserver ($1,500): Releases a reservoir of adrenaline when your body nears death; Effectively saving you from death.
Muscle Relaxant ($1,100): Reduces the amount of damage taken from falls, bumps, and speeding vehicles.
Moonshine ($2,500): 10% damage resistance.
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