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  • The Gaming Gods Community is currently looking for staff members for our DarkRP server. To apply, please visit the Staff Applications section to get started.

Initial Staff Meeting

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Initial Staff Meeting

Hi everyone,

Originally we had planned to do our staff meeting on Monday, July 20th, however plans have changed due to an expected lack of attendance. In order to kick everything off and get our staff team properly set up and acquainted, we'll be scheduling a mandatory meeting that will fully discuss everything you'll need to know for Friday July 24th at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard (New York) Time. For those of you that have been specifically asked to fulfill the administrator role, you will be given that role and have your forum and in-game permissions set-up. All other staff members will be given the moderator role unless discussed otherwise. Please note that if you are not able to attend the meeting, please contact me immediately to schedule a private meeting.

Once the server launches, staff ranks will no longer be handed out to previous staff members of the community. If you wish to become a staff member at that point, you must submit an application -- no exceptions.

Please click the RSVP (Calendar with the plus symbol) button above to indicate your attendance status.

Please note that the meeting time is in United States Eastern Standard Time (New York). If you need to convert that time from your timezone, please visit the following link by clicking here.

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This thread is currently closed and is not open for further replies.