Text Guide Moonshine Guide

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Jul 9, 2019
Welcome to SladeGames88 moonshine guide, here you will learn how to make huge amounts of moonshine.

First you will need the distillery, cooler, grinder, and condenser, all of that will cost 13,000.

Next you will need a fermentation barrel, 2 water, 2 sugar, and 2 grinded yeast, to grind yeast, put the yeast in the grinder and a paper bag, hold E to grind, when you fill the barrel, shake it and wait for it to ferment, then pour it into the distillery, make sure to put wood in to fuel it, on the side, there is a small meter, when the mash is being cooked, make sure to keep the meter in the good zone to get the most moonshine out of it, hold E on the depression lever to keep it in the "good zone" keep it in that zone while the moonshine moves to the condenser, also make sure to keep the cooler full of water, after all of the mesh has turned into moonshine, buy a jar pack and a jar crate, put the jar pack up to the condenser to fill the jars, then put the jars in the crate, then bring it to a moonshine buyer, then, repeat.
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