Pending Review ShosNov's Suggestion - Getting rid of Farmer

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Aug 24, 2019
User name: ShosNov

Title: Getting rid of Farmer

Category: Changes to Existing Feature(s)

What type of change are you looking to suggest? Job Modifications

What feature are you looking to have buffed or debuffed? Jobs:

What are you looking to have buffed or debuffed? Farmer

What needs to be changed? I think Farmer is literally useless, as you basically make no money for crops, Gourd level 1 sells more than Corn level 3. Overall it's one of those jobs you do once for fun. I think it'd be more worth doing if the crops actually sold for a decent amount.

Do we have something similar to your suggestion already in the server? No


Jun 30, 2019
Pricing just needs a buff. I'll work on that shortly and give you an update soon.